Hey friend! If you've made it over to this page, I take it your searching for a little more insight on how this all works. It's more than likely new territory for you and I want to make sure you're making the best informed decision in taking the next steps in hiring a virtual assistant for your business. Because after all, I get it. This business is your baby.

Your proud and joy and rightfully so, it must be handled with extreme care. You've invested time, money, and a few sacrifices building your empire. The decision of hiring help is simultaneously exciting, a bit overwhelming, and perhaps even a bit nerve wrecking but I want you to do what feels right and not based off a decision that feels impulsive or premature. 

So, to help mitigate some of your apprehensions as you consider outsourcing, I put together this Frequently Asked Questions page just for you.

I'm addressing some of the most common questions or concerns you may have before you sign on the dotted line with us here at The Executive Studio. It also gives a good glimpse into if you and I would be a good fit for one another.

Let's get into the specifics shall we?

What is a Virtual Assistant?
What are the different packages and how much do they cost?
What are your hours of operation?
What kind of businesses do you support?
How do we communicate with you?
Is there a trial period?
What is the process like?
What programs do you work with?
How do I contact you?
How would I know if I am ready to hire TES?
How does billing work?
Will I have more than one virtual assistant?
How do I book a consultation?

This business is your baby. 

I want you to do what feels right and not based off a decision that feels impulsive or premature.